The Birmingham Sugar Babies were created as a core group of burlesque tap dancers in 2002, for Carl Stewart’s TNT production of SUGAR BABIES.  All “Shugs” danced as part of Louise Beard’s Time Step Studio until her retirement in 2009, and now dance with Roger Van Fleteren and the Alabama Ballet Tappers.  Most tapped as children and all have tapped as adults for the last 15 - 25 years.  These lovely, mature ladies range in age from 53 to 71 years young.

At a recent 25th anniversary celebration of Terrific New Theatre, co-founder, Carl Stewart, said, “One of my greatest achievements is seeing the success of the Birmingham Sugar Babies -- their continued performances and lasting friendships.”  The group he assembled for a short run of a show will celebrate 10 years of “Shugdom” in June of 2012

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